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Lake Dock Case Study

To illustrate the process involved with the design and implementation of a standard dock kit we have outlined below a typical customer’s situation.

Dan came to Enviro Float to enquire about buying a dock kit for his lake front property on Vancouver Island. In order to tailor the dock to Dan's needs, Enviro Float asked what size and shape was required, where the dock would go and how it would be used.

Knowing the intended location for the boat dock, Enviro Float informed Dan that the lake for the installation required that no treated wood be used for construction. This information was of great importance as it would save the customer problems with bylaws at a later date. As a result Enviro Float and Dan discussed his many options such as using Cedar wood or EFM’s Ainsworth manufactured laminated wood in the housing of his floating dock.

Upon deciding on the laminated wood, EFM and Dan then discussed what options Dan required on his lake dock. He chose to include tie up rails, cleats, chain plates ladders and anchor systems.

Once all variables are factored in, the kit can be assembled and readied for pick up. All the wood, hardware, floatation system and ladder are put in a manageable bundle, ready for loading into the customer's vehicle.

Over the course of a weekend a fully functioning sea or lake dock can be completely built and ready for installation.

The finished dock is now ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.