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Ocean Dock Case Study

As with the lake dock, the same care and attention is given to each request for our ocean dock kits. The following is a common process that is followed once a customer comes and requests a residential ocean dock.

The size and scope of the required ocean dock is discussed to find out what the customers needs and desires are. This time is spent determining the ideal size, shape and optional equipment. We will also check if foreshore leases are required or if they are in place. This step is often overlooked in the use of foreshore areas along our local coastal waters.

After size and shape of dock are agreed upon, Enviro Float helps the customer decide what options are desired and which anchor system is needed. Enviro Float can offer either an anchor system or a pile system to anchor your new dock. We can also work with any existing anchor system and adapt the new structure to use it.

If, at the start of our ocean dock design process, it is determined that a foreshore lease is required in order for the new dock to be installed, our knowledgeable staff can assist with this process and make sure that all applications are taken care of.

All options are now brought together to complete your ocean dock kit. Everything is put together in an easy to manage bundle and is now ready for delivery.

In just a couple of days your ocean dock can be built, installed and ready for use.