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Mooring Whips

Mooring whips act as springs to maintain your boat at a safe, convenient distance from your dock and prevent impacts from waves or the wakes of passing watercraft.

Starting with a solid rod and manufactured in multi-stages with triple cross-wound fibreglass gives these mooring whips the necessary strength and flex to retain the boats’ position and prevent over flexing of the whip.

Whip fibreglass with convenient roller tip and aluminum tensioner.  Permanent Epoxy assembly, cast aluminum base with integral cleat and ring.  A set of two [2] whips, includes mooring lines, whip lines and aluminum tensioners.

Available in:
  8’ – for craft up to 18’ or 2,500 lbs.
12’ – for craft up to 23’ or 5,000 lbs.
14’ – for craft up to 28’ or 10,000 lbs.
16’ – for craft up to 33’ or 20,000 lbs.