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Solar Lights

Wireless Solar Dock Lite™:
Easy to install, its durable, weatherproof low profile construction makes it an attractive and functional addition to docks, walkways, decks and landings.
Ideal illuminating trouble spots on pathways or transition areas such as from dock to shore. 
With extended duty solar charged batteries the DockLite ™ will last until sunrise.
Automatic on-at-dusk.  Easily withstands pedestrian and moderate vehicle traffic such as hand carts and more.
Part # EFM96-255-F

Post Solar Lights:
Pack of two 8" long solar lights with adaptors for 1-11/16" or 2" posts. Stainless steel tubes and frosted plastic window. Three super bright white L.E.D. lights and a replaceable rechargeable battery.
On top of improving security at night, you can slide them more or less over your unequal piles and level them up for a nice finish.

Part # 33112

Compact Solar Lights:
Designed to be used in high traffic commercial areas and may be used on your dock, your deck, pathways, driveways, stairs or any other places you may want to illuminate. Its shape is discrete and not cumbersome.
Its Heavy Duty aluminum and polycarbonate body can support up to a 20 tons vehicle while being used in temperatures from -30 to 50° Celsius (-20 to 130° F).

The compact light is equipped with a powerful solar panel to recharge the Ni-Mh batteries in the least amount of time. Batteries may be replaced if necessary.
Part # 33101 (Single Pack)
Part # 33141 (Four Pack)